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Boutique, International, and ACP Conference Documents

Date Location Conference Chair(s) Conference Theme Documents
2018 Sydney, Australia Elizabeth Crowley, Christina I. Anthony, and Adam Duhachek Consumption of Vice and Virtue
2017 NYC, NY Juliano Laran, Oscar Moreno, and Keith Wilcox Emotions, Motivation and Product Value
2016 Chicago, IL David Gal, Blake McShane, and Derek Rucker Identity Consumption
2015 Vienna Darren Dahl, Bernadette Kamleitner, Paige Moreau, and Martin Schreier Creative Destruction
2014 Ann Arbor, MI Rajeev Batra, Diann Brei, Colleen Seifert Psychology of Design
2013 San Diego, CA Claudiu V. Dimofte, Curtis P. Haugtvedt, and Richard F. Yalch CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY IN A SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD
2012 Singapore Bernd Schmitt and Leonard Lee The Asian Consumer
2011 Eugene, OR Lynn Kahle Environmental Sustainability
2010 Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN Steve Posavac Cracking the Code: Leveraging Consumer Psychology to Drive Profitability
2009 Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan) Rajiv Batra, Punam Anand Keller, and Vic Strecher Leveraging Consumer Psychology for Effective Health Communications: The Obesity Challenge
2008 Philadelphia. PA Michael R. Solomon and Natalie T. Wood Virtual Social Identity and Consumer Behavior
2007 Santa Monica Beach, CA New Frontiers in Branding: Atittudes, Attachment, and Relationships Joseph R. Priester, Deborah J. MacInnis, C.Whan Park
2003 Seoul, Korea Lynn R. Kahle
Chung-Hyun Kim
ACP Image Conference