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Best Reviewer Awards

2018 Andrea Morales, Nailya Ordabayeva, Sankar Sen, Andrew Stephen, Kate White
2017 Rajesh Bagchi, Adam Brasel, Gergana Nenkov, Stijn van Osselaer, Patti Williams

Park Prizes for Outstanding Contribution to JCP

2017 Winners:
Park Outstanding Contributor Award
"Moral Violations Reduce Oral Consumption" - Volume 24, 2014
Cindy Chan, Leaf van Boven, Eduardo Andrade, and Dan Ariely

Park Young Contributor Award
"The effects of religion on consumer behavior: A conceptual framework and research agenda" - Vol 26 (2), 2016
Daniele Mathras

2016 Winners:
Park Outstanding Contributor Award
"In Search of a Surrogate for Touch: The Effect of Haptic Imagery on Perceived Ownership" - Volume 23, Issue 2, 2012, 165-274
Joann Peck, Victor Barger, and Andrea Webb

Park Young Contributor Award
"Distinct Threats, Common Remedies: How Consumers Cope with Psychological Threat" - Vol. 25, Issue 4, 531-545
DaHee Han

2015 Winners:
Park Outstanding Contributor Award
"The IKEA Effect: When Labor Leads to Love" - Volume 22, Issue 3, 2012, 299-420
Michael Norton, Daniel Mochon, Dan Ariely

Park Young Contributor Award
"Warmth and Conformity: The Effect of Ambient Temperature on Product Preferences and Financial Decisions" - Volume 24, Issue 3, 241-250
Xun (Irene) Huang

2014 Winners:
Park Outstanding Contributor Award
"Unconscious Transfer of Meaning to Brands" - Volume 21, Issue 3, 2011, 215-225
Maria Galli and Gerald J. Gorn

Park Young Contributor Award
"Recycling Gone Bad: When the Option to Recycle Increases Resource Consumption" - Vol. 23, Issue 1, 122-127
Jesse R. Catlin and Yitong Wang

2013 Winners:
Park Outstanding Contributor Award
"Aesthetic package design: A behavioral, neural, and psychological investigation"
Martin Reimann, Judith Zaichkowsky, Carolin Neuhaus, Thomas Bender, & Bernd Weber

Park Young Contributor Award
"When promoting a charity can hurt charitable giving: A metacognitive analysis"
Robert W. Smith

2012 Winners:
Park Outstanding Contributor Award
"The habitual consumer"
Wendy Wood and David T. Neal

Park Young Contributor Award
"More than meets the eye: The influence of implicit and explicit self-esteem on materialism"
Ji Kyung Park (with Deborah Roedder John)

2011 Winners:
"When does negative brand publicity hurt? The moderating influence of analytic versus holistic thinking"
Alokparna Basu Monga and Deborah Roedder John

2011 Runners-Up:
#1: "What's in a frame anyway?: A meta-cognitive analysis of the impact of one versus two sided message framing on attitude certainty"
Derek D. Rucker, Richard E. Petty, and Pablo Briñol

#2: "Of great art and untalented artists: Effort information and the flexible construction of judgmental heuristics"
Hyejeung Cho and Norbert Schwarz

Park Young Contributor Award
"Source Credibility and Attitude Certainty: A Metacognitive Analysis of Resistance to Persuasion"
Martin Reimann (with Richard E. Petty)

2010 Winners:
"Deliverative and Automatic Bases of Suspicion: Empirical Evidence of the Sinister Attribution Error"
Kelley Main, Darren Dahl, and Peter Darke

2010 Runners-Up:
"Predicting Happiness: How Normative Feeling Rules Influence (and Even Reverse) Durability Bias"
Stacy L. Wood and James R. Bettman

2009 Winners:
"The Role of Regulatory Focus in the Experience and Self-Control of Desire for Temptations"
Utpal Dholakia, Mahesh Gopinath, Richard Bagozzi, and Rajan Natarajan

2009 Runners-Up:
"Images of Success and the Preference for Luxury Brands"
Naomi Mandel, Petia Petrova, and Robert Cialdini