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Announcing Incoming Society for Consumer Psychology Officers and 2022 Award Winners

SCP 2022 is officially in the books! Thank you to conference co-chairs Kelly Goldsmith (Vanderbilt University), Ellie Kyung (University of Pennsylvania) and Manoj Thomas (Cornell University). We were thrilled to welcome more than 700 attendees from 40 countries and to see so many faces in all the virtual sessions. Thanks to co-chairs Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh (University of Arizona) and Lawrence Williams (University of Colorado at Boulder) for organizing an exceptional doctoral consortium. Thanks to Ashlee Humphreys (Northwestern University) and Matthew Isaac (Seattle University) for keeping our skills sharp with a full day of sessions in the Research Skills Workshop. We are pleased to share result of the SCP election for President, which was announced at the conference.

President-Elect: Tiffany Barnett White, Associate Professor of Business Administration and Advertising, Bruce and Anne Strohm Faculty Fellow, Gies College of Business, University of Illinois

In addition, we’re excited to share the results of the JCP and SCP Awards, which were presented at the conference.

JCP Best Paper by an Early Contributor Award

This award is given to the best refereed paper by an “early career contributor” published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology in 2021. An early career contributor is defined as a scholar whose work is published within two years of receiving his or her Ph.D. (or a scholar who had not yet received their PhD when the paper was published). The paper does not have to be the scholar’s dissertation, just one that the scholar has first-authored (or shared first authorship). All eligible papers were reviewed by a committee (Kristin Diehl, University of Southern California, chair, Maura Scott, Florida State University, and Joe Goodman, Ohio State University) who chose two honorable mentions and a winner for the award. The winner receives a $2500 cash award.


​Kelly Eunjung Yoon, University of Mary Washington, for the paper (co-authored with Cornelia Pechmann, Denis Trapido, and Judith J. Prochaska) “Perceived Costs versus Actual Benefits of Demographic Self-Disclosure in Online Support Groups.” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31, 3, 2021, 450-477.

Honorable Mention

Chen Pundak, Tel Aviv University, for the paper (co-authored with Yael Steinhart and Jacob Goldenberg) “Nonmaleficence in Shaming: The Ethical Dilemma Underlying Participation in Online Public Shaming.” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31, 3, 2021, 478-500.

Shelly Rathee, Villanova University, for the paper “The Effect of Letter versus Number Cues on Distance Perception.” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31, 4, 2021, 647-664.

JCP Best Paper Award

This award is given to the best refereed paper published three years prior in the Journal of Consumer Psychology; so, this year for papers published in 2019. Papers are first nominated via vote by the JCP Editorial Review Board. The papers that received the most nominations were then reviewed by a committee (Kristin Diehl, University of Southern California, chair, Maura Scott, Florida State University, and Joe Goodman, Ohio State University) who chose an honorable mention and a winner for the award. The authors of the winning paper share a $5000 cash award.


​Emily Garbinsky and Joe Gladstone (2019), “The Consumption Consequences of Couples Pooling Finances,” Journal of consumer Psychology, 29, 3, 353-369.

Honorable Mention

​Mary Fitzpatrick, Bronwyn Elphingston-Jolly, Lorraine Friend, and Penny Payne (2019), “Possessions and Self in the Identity Work of Survivors of Domestic Violence,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 29, 2, 167-186.

SCP Schumann Dissertation Award

The Schumann Dissertation Award seeks to provide feedback to doctoral students by accomplished scholars in order to improve the quality of dissertations in consumer psychology. Winning this competition is the highest honor that a doctoral student can receive from SCP. Shailendra Jain (University of Washington), who chairs the SCP Education and Training Committee, along with Angela Lee (Northwestern University) and L.J. Shrum (HEC Paris) read each submission and provided their feedback and evaluations. This year, two winners were chosen to receive this award. The winners receive $1000 cash awards.


​Theresa (Tess) Kwon, University of Pittsburgh, “Solo and Joint Aspects of Consumer Behavior.” Advisor: Peggy Liu

Johann Melzner, New York University, “Speaking in Private: Privacy Expectations Depend on Communication Modality.” Advisors: Andrea Bonezzi and Priya Raghubir.

SCP Early Career Award

The Early Career Award is bestowed upon research within eight years of receiving a Ph.D and recognizes emerging scholars who’s research shows promise in shaping consumer psychology. Kathleen Vohs chairs the Scientific Affairs Committee and solicits nominations for this award. This year, she was assisted in choosing the winners by an ad-hoc committee comprised of Sharon Shavitt (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Selin Malkoc (Ohio State University). The committee selected two outstanding young scholars as 2021 recipients of the Early Career Award:

Taly Reich, Yale University

Kaitlin Woolley, Cornell University

SCP Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award

The Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award is bestowed upon scholars who received a Ph.D. more than eight years prior to the year in which they receive the award. Winners are recognized for their exemplary scientific contributions to consumer psychology as evidenced by scholarly impact, rather than sheer productivity. Kathleen Vohs also chairs this award process and solicited nominations. This year, she was assisted in choosing winners by an ad-hoc committee comprised of Rebecca Ratner (University of Maryland) and L.J. Shrum (HEC Paris).

Ayelet Fishbach, Jeffrey Breakenridge Keller Professor of Behavioral Science and Marketing, IBM Corporation Faculty Scholar, University of Chicago.

Derek Rucker, Sandy and Morton Goldman Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies in Marketing, Northwestern University

SCP Fellows

The Fellows Award represents SCP’s highest honor—the award recognizes senior scholars who received a PhD 15 or more years prior, and who have made outstanding and unusual contributions to consumer psychology through both their research and their service. Evaluation criteria include not only scholarly impact, but also institutional and field leadership. The criteria of “outstanding and unusual” goes beyond the mere existence of relevant publications and evidence of steady and continuing competence, which are necessary, but not sufficient, indicators. To receive this award, a scholar’s publications must include impressive work and have an impact upon others. Long-term SCP membership and activity are important criteria. An exceptional record of scholarly performance, impact and service over time must be demonstrated. The committee to choose SCP Fellows is Vicki Morwitz (chair, Columbia University), Barbara Kahn (University of Pennsylvania), and Debbie MacInnis (USC). This year the committee selected three extraordinary SCP Fellows:

Susan Broniarczyk, Susie and John L Adams Endowed Chair in Business, Professor of Marketing, University of Texas – Austen

Amna Kirmani, Ralph J Tyser Professor of Marketing, University of Maryland

Jerome Williams, Prudential Chair in Business, Rutgers University

Thank you to each of the committees who gathered nominations and selected these winners. Congratulations to the winners in each category. The presentations by the 2022 SCP Early Career, Distinguished Scientific Award, and Fellows recipients will be made at SCP 2023 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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