Society for Consumer Psychology

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Distinguished Scientific Contribution

The Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award is bestowed upon researchers who received a Ph.D. more than eight years prior to the year in which they will receive the award. The DSC award recognizes scholars whose distinguished scientific contributions to consumer psychology demonstrate evidence of scholarly impact rather than simply sheer productivity. No more than three Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award winners can be named in any given year. The Fellows Award (discussed above) is SCP’s highest honor and SCP Fellows are not considered for the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award.

2023 Award Winners

Americus Reed
University of Pennsylvania
Karen Winterich
Pennsylvania State University

Past Winners

Ayelet Fishbach
Derek Rucker
Susan Fournier
Michael Norton
Kathleen Vohs
Christopher Hsee
Joel Huber
Jennifer Aaker
Ravi Dhar
Eric Johnson
Robert Wyer
J. Wesley Hutchinson
Norbert Schwarz
Itamar Simonson
James R. Bettman
Frank Kardes
Joseph Alba
John Lynch
Robert Cialdini
Richard Petty
Timothy Brock
Jacob Jacoby
John Howard
Martin Fishbein
Daniel Kahneman
Robert Zajonc