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SCP Boutique Conference

Join us as we explore brand psychology amid technological, societal, and economic changes.

JUNE 5-7, 2024 • University of Leeds, UK

The Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) is a leading advocate for advancing the study of consumer behavior. With a strong tradition of supporting existing and emerging researchers, SCP helps create and share new ideas while also providing opportunities for members to grow professionally.

Recognizing that consumer behavior is influenced by diverse cultural and social factors, SCP works to connect with researchers and practitioners around the globe. Through interactive conferences and impactful journals, we’re ensuring that the research of our members is shared worldwide.

Together, we’re shaping the future of consumer psychology and its role in shaping societies.

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Upcoming Conferences


Leeds, UK

June 5-7, 2024

Consumer Psychology of Brands
Exploring brand psychology amid technological, societal, and economic changes.



Dec 10-11, 2024

Marketing for Social Impact
Discover the transformative power of marketing for societal good.

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Joining the Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) offers valuable benefits for individuals interested in consumer behavior, marketing, and psychology. Members enjoy networking opportunities, access to resources like journals and conferences, professional development through workshops and webinars, recognition for their contributions, and a platform to shape the future of consumer psychology research and practice.

SCP keeps members informed about relevant events, job opportunities, and funding, ensuring they stay connected and updated in the field.