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JCP Awards

Each year, the Editorial Board of the Journal of Consumer Psychology evaluates eligible scholarly work to recognize exemplary articles published in the journal.


This award is given to the best refereed paper published three years prior in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Papers are first nominated via vote by the JCP Editorial Review Board. The papers that received the most nominations were then reviewed by a committee, who chose an honorable mention and a winner for the award.

“Improving Financial Inclusion through Communal Financial Orientation: How Financial Service Providers
Better Engage Consumers in Banking Deserts,” Volume 30, 2, 379-331, 2020.

Martin Mende
Florida State University
Linda Court Salisbury
Boston College
Gergana Y. Nenkov
Boston College
Maura L. Scott
Florida State University


This award is given to the best refereed paper by an “early career contributor” published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. An early career contributor is defined as a scholar whose work is published within two years of receiving his or her Ph.D. (or a scholar who had not yet received their PhD when the paper was published). The paper does not have to be the scholar’s dissertation, just one that the scholar has first-authored (or shared first authorship). All eligible papers were reviewed by a committee, who chose the winners for the award.

Ximena Garcia-Rada
Texas A&M University

“Relational Spending in Funerals: Caring for Others Loved and Lost,” 32 (2), 211-231, 2022.

Coauthored with Sarah Whitley, Fleura Bardhi, Dan Ariely, and Carey K. Morewedge

Yunqing Chen
Xiamen University

“The Identified Donor Effect: Disclosure of the Donor’s Name Shapes the Recipient’s Behavior,” 32 (2), 232-250, 2022.

Coauthored with Leilei Gao

2023 JCP Reviewer Awards

David Hardisty
Diogo Hildebrand
Mansur Khamitov
Kirk Kristofferson
Monika Lisjak
Naomi Mandel
Martin Mende
Jenny Olson
Priya Raghubir
Rebecca Reczek
Melanie Rudd
Tony Salerno
Liad Weiss
Karen Winterich
Yael Zemack-Rugar


JCP Best Paper Award
Emily Garbinsky and Joe Gladstone (2019), “The Consumption Consequences of Couples Pooling Finances,” Journal of consumer Psychology, 29, 3, 353-369.

Honorable Mention
Mary Fitzpatrick, Bronwyn Elphingston-Jolly, Lorraine Friend, and Penny Payne (2019), “Possessions and Self in the Identity Work of Survivors of Domestic Violence,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 29, 2, 167-186.

JCP Best Paper by an Early Career Contributor
Kelly Eunjung Yoon, University of Mary Washington, for the paper (co-authored with Cornelia Pechmann, Denis Trapido, and Judith J. Prochaska) “Perceived Costs versus Actual Benefits of Demographic Self-Disclosure in Online Support Groups.” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31, 3, 2021, 450-477.

Honorable Mentions
Chen Pundak, Tel Aviv University, for the paper (co-authored with Yael Steinhart and Jacob Goldenberg) “Nonmaleficence in Shaming: The Ethical Dilemma Underlying Participation in Online Public Shaming.” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31, 3, 2021, 478-500.
Shelly Rathee, Villanova University, for the paper “The Effect of Letter versus Number Cues on Distance Perception.” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31, 4, 2021, 647-664.

JCP Reviewer Awards
Adam Brasel, Alix Barasch, Michael Barone, Hans Baumgartner, (Allen) Chen Haipeng, Eric Greenleaf, Linda Hagen, Joey Hoegg, Mathew Isaac, Debbie Roedder John, Jenny Olson, Edith Shalev, Kate White, Yael Zemack-Rugar


JCP Best Paper Award
“Consumers Avoid Buying from Firms with Higher CEO-to-Work Pay Ratios,” Vol 28 (2), 2018
Bhavya Mohan, Tobias Schlager, Rohit Despande, Mike Norton

JCP Best Paper by an Early Career Contributor
“An Appeal to Intimacy,” Vol 30 (4), 2020
Brandon Reich, Portland State University, Coauthored with Matthew Pittman

JCP Reviewer Awards
Ashok Lalwani, Pragya Mathur, Vicki Morwitz, Grant Packard,
Dan Schley, Ana Valenzuela


JCP Best Paper Award
“Stitching Time: Vintage Consumption Connects the Past, Present, and Future,” Vol 27 (2), 2017
Gulen Sarial-Abi, Kathleen Vohs, Ryan Hamilton, & Aulona Ulqinaku

JCP Best Paper by an Early Career Contributor
“The Consumption Consequences of Couples Pooling Finances,” Vol 29 (3), 2019
Joe Gladstone, University of College London, Coauthored with Emily N. Garbinsky

JCP Reviewer Awards
Hans Baumgartner, Valeries Folkes, Timothy Heath, Elise Chandon Ince, Daniel Mochon, Yael Zemack-Rugar


JCP Best Paper Award
“When and Why We Forget to Buy” – Volume 26 (3), 2016
Daniel Fernandes, Stefano Puntoni, Stijn M.J. van Osselaer, & Elizabeth Cowley

JCP Best Paper by an Early Career Contributor
“Discounting Humanity: When Consumers are Price Conscious, Employees Appear Less Human” – Vol 28 (2), 2018
Johannes Boegershausen, Alexander P. Henkel, J. Hoegg, K. Aquino, & J. Lemmink

JCP Reviewer Awards
Andrea Morales, Nailya Ordabayeva, Sankar Sen, Andrew Stephen, Kate White


Park Outstanding Contributor Award
“Moral Violations Reduce Oral Consumption” – Volume 24, 2014
Cindy Chan, Leaf van Boven, Eduardo Andrade, and Dan Ariely

Park Young Contributor Award
“The effects of religion on consumer behavior: A conceptual framework and research agenda” – Vol 26 (2), 2016
Daniele Mathras

JCP Reviewer Awards
Rajesh Bagchi, Adam Brasel, Gergana Nenkov, Stijn van Osselaer, Patti Williams


Park Outstanding Contributor Award
“In Search of a Surrogate for Touch: The Effect of Haptic Imagery on Perceived Ownership” – Volume 23, Issue 2, 2013, 165-274
Joann Peck, Victor Barger, and Andrea Webb

Park Young Contributor Award
“Distinct Threats, Common Remedies: How Consumers Cope with Psychological Threat” – Vol. 25, Issue 4, 531-545
DaHee Han

JCP Reviewer Awards
Michael Barone, Juliano Laran, Leonard Lee, Debbie MacInnis, Matt Thomson


Park Outstanding Contributor Award
“The IKEA Effect: When Labor Leads to Love” – Volume 22, Issue 3, 2012, 299-420
Michael Norton, Daniel Mochon, Dan Ariely

Park Young Contributor Award
“Warmth and Conformity: The Effect of Ambient Temperature on Product Preferences and Financial Decisions” – Volume 24, Issue 3, 241-250
Xun (Irene) Huang

JCP Reviewer Awards
Pierre Chandon, Joseph Goodman, Eric Greenleaf, Joan Meyers–Levy, Ann Schlosser, L.J. Shrum


Park Outstanding Contributor Award
“Unconscious Transfer of Meaning to Brands” – Volume 21, Issue 3, 2011, 215-225
Maria Galli and Gerald J. Gorn

Park Young Contributor Award
“Recycling Gone Bad: When the Option to Recycle Increases Resource Consumption” – Vol. 23, Issue 1, 122-127
Jesse R. Catlin and Yitong Wang

JCP Reviewer Awards
Jim Burroughs, Richard Petty, Deborah Roedder John


Park Outstanding Contributor Award
“Aesthetic package design: A behavioral, neural, and psychological investigation”
Martin Reimann, Judith Zaichkowsky, Carolin Neuhaus, Thomas Bender, & Bernd Weber

​Park Young Contributor Award
“When promoting a charity can hurt charitable giving: A metacognitive analysis”
Robert W. Smith

JCP Reviewer Awards
Chris Janiszewski, Ashwani Monga, Joann Peck


Park Outstanding Contributor Award
“The habitual consumer”
Wendy Wood and David T. Neal

​Park Young Contributor Award
“More than meets the eye: The influence of implicit and explicit self-esteem on materialism”
Ji Kyung Park (with Deborah Roedder John)


Best Paper
“When does negative brand publicity hurt? The moderating influence of analytic versus holistic thinking”
Alokparna Basu Monga and Deborah Roedder John


Best Paper
“Deliverative and Automatic Bases of Suspicion: Empirical Evidence of the Sinister Attribution Error”
Kelley Main, Darren Dahl, and Peter Darke

JCP Reviewer Awards
Joseph Alba, Hans Baumgartner, Jonah Berger, Amitava Chattopadhyay,
Darren Dahl, Jennifer Escalas, Shailendra Jain, Chris A. Janiszewski,
Uzma Khan, Joan Meyers-Levy


Best Paper
“The Role of Regulatory Focus in the Experience and Self-Control of Desire for Temptations”
Utpal Dholakia, Mahesh Gopinath, Richard Bagozzi, and Rajan Natarajan

JCP Reviewer Awards
Michael J. Barone, William O. Bearden, Maria Cronley, Kristin Diehl, Gerald J. Gorn, Shanker Krishnan, Jessica Kwong, Maureen Morrin, Connie Pechmann,
Jaideep Sengupta