Society for Consumer Psychology

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Fellows Award

The Fellow Award represents SCP’s highest honor—the award recognizes seasoned scholars who received a Ph.D. 15+ years ago and who have made outstanding and unusual contributions to consumer psychology, through both research and service. Evaluation criteria include not only research impact but also institutional and field leadership. The criterion of “outstanding and unusual” goes beyond the mere existence of relevant publications and evidence of steady and continuing competence, which are necessary, but insufficient, indicators.

Publications must include impressive work, have an impact upon others, and have been refereed appropriately. Citation of the nominee’s work by others is an important indicator of the impact of a contribution. Long-term SCP membership and activity (e.g., conference participation and leadership roles) are highly desirable. Accumulation of impact, performance, and service over time must be demonstrated. No more than three SCP Fellows can be named in any given year.


Rajeev Batra
University of Michigan
Darren W. Dahl
University of British Columbia

Past Fellows

Alba, Joseph
Anderson, James Clayton
Appel, Valentine
Bettman, James R.
Blankenship, A.B.
Blum, Milton L.
Bogart, Leo
Bradley, Joseph B.
Brock, Timothy C.
Broniarczyk, Susan​
Cacioppo, John T.
Chakravarti, Dipankar
Childers, Terry
Cialdini, Robert
Dunn, Theodore F.
Fishbein, Martin
Folkes, Valerie Sue
Freistad, Marian
Friedman, Monroe Peter
Goldberg, Marvin
Goldman, Alfred B.
Greenwald, Anthony O.
Hartley, Eugene L.
Hattwik, Melvin S.
Herr, Paul M.
Hoffman, Donna
Hutchinson, Wesley J.
Inman, J. Jeffrey
Isen, Alice
Jacoby, Jacob
Kahle, Lynn R.
Kahn, Barbara
Kamen, Joseph M.
Kardes, Frank R.
Kassarjian, Harold
Kirmani, Amna
Krishna, Aradhna
Laroche, Michel
Leavitt, Clark
Lutz, Richard J.
Lynch, John Jr.​
MacInnis, Debbie
McNiven, Malcom A.
Mendelsohn, Harold
Meyers-Levy, Joan
Mick, David
Morwitz, Vicki
Mowen, John C.
Nuckols, Robert C.
Oliver, Richard L.
Olshavaky, Richard W.
Park, C. W.
Pechman, Cornelia
Peracchio, Laura
Perloff, Robert
Petty, Richard E.
Pham, Michel
Richins, Marsha
Roedder-John, Deborah
Roslow, Sydney
Ross, Ivan
Rossiter, John R.
Russo, Joseph Edward
Schumann, David W.
Schutz, Howard G.
Schwarz, Norbert
Shavitt, Sharon
Shanteau, James C.
Shimp, Terence
Stewart, David W.
Udow, Alfred B.
Weinstein, Sidney
Wells, William D.
Wickert, Frederic R.
Williams, Jerome
Winick, Charles
Woodside, Arch G.
Wyer, Jr., Robert S