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Utilize the latest consumer psychology research below in your classroom.
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SCP is dedicated to supporting educational initiatives that promote consumer psychology in the classroom. From early exposure in secondary school to undergraduate and graduate opportunities, SCP seeks to partner with teachers to provide the tools they need to succeed.

Below, you’ll find slides and materials on various topics taken from JCP published research. We hope that it provides for engaging discussion and creative outcomes.

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Consumption Sacrifice

Slides covering the motivation, research questions, definition, and key sacrifices.

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An Integrative Theory of Resource Discrepancies

Slides covering the motivation and background, problem, key results, takeaways, and future directions.

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Using phonesthemes to imbue non-word brand names with meaning

Slides covering the problem, introduction to phonesthemes, studies, key findings, and takeaways.

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The Effect of Brand Roles Depends on theories of Self-Change

Slides covering motivation, research question, methodology, key results, and takeaways.

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Presenting Time Series Data differently changes judgements and choices

Slides covering background, research question, methodology, key results, and takeaways.

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Beyond Statistical Significance: 5 Principles for data analysis and reporting

Slides covering motivation and five principles.

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Working Hard for Money Decreases Risk Tolerance

Slides covering motivation, research question, methodology, key results, and takeaways.

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Getting political: The value-protective effects of expressed outgroup outrage on self-brand connection

Slides covering overview, research questions, methodology, key findings, and takeaways.

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Rose Tinted Glasses: Inducing and resolving curiosity Makes consumers less skeptical

Slides covering motivation, models, studies, and key takeaways.

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Automated gender bias: How Algorithms contribute in the marketplace

Slides covering examples, research questions, methodology, results, and potential ethical implications.

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Consumer impatience: How feedback affects consumer decisions

Slides covering background, research question, theoretical framework, and a deeper look at the studies.

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Sting of Disposal: Product purgatories may help with disposal

Slides covering an overview of the research, a description of product purgatories, and experiments designed to evaluate the research objectives 

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Social Movements: How Do Successful Social Movements Come about

Slides covering how social movements grow, a framework for success, case study of Black Lives Matter, and questions for reflection.

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Scale Use & Abuse: Best Practices in the Deployment of Scales

Slides covering scale usage in publications, how to prevent faulty measurement, validation, and deployment.

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Anthropomorphism: When and Why Food Anthropomorphism Negatively Affects Consumption

Slides covering background, effects, methods, studies, key results, and takeaways from consumer response to anthropomorphism in food.

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Secret Behaviors: Secret Consumer Behaviors in Close Relationships

Slides covering what behaviors people keep secret, who they keep it from, and how that affects relationships, as well as takeaways for consumers and marketers.

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Gender Influences: Role in Product Preferences and Restoring Social Equalities

Slides covering behaviors of consumers as it relates to gender equality, study overviews, and implications of the findings.