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Call For Intervention Ideas

Directly preceding the SCP Annual Conference on March 2, SCP will be hosting an invitation-only boutique conference focused on climate change in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Attendees will refine the ideas generated for a large-scale, open-submission, field experiment on sustainability. The event will be co-chaired be Rajesh Chandy, Szu-chi Huang, and Gita Johar.

SCP Large-Scale Open-Submission Field Experiments on Sustainability
Call for Intervention Ideas

The Society of Consumer Psychology is seeking intervention ideas to tackle the challenge of climate change!

What is a large-scale open-submission field experiment? The field experiment recruits intervention ideas from a larger set of researchers all focusing on solving the same problem. The benefits of a field experiment of this format and size are

  1. High efficiency. The experiment can test 10+ ideas at once.
  2. Low cost. These 10+ ideas share the same partnership and research setup, keeping the cost low. The partnership, data management, and participant engagement are managed by one research team through a single infrastructure.
  3. Unique data insights. The experiment cleanly compares the relative effectiveness of 10+ ideas through randomization, extrapolating the most effective solution(s) for the partner.

SCP field experiment partners and missions: SCP has two field experiment partners:

  1. Break Free from Plastic (Read more about Break Free from Plastic here). The key focus for BFFP in 2023-24 is to shift away from the old plastic narrative that plastic is safe, expose industry players who continue to fight for business as usual (e.g., single use), and encourage governments to do their job to protect people and the environment. This intervention focuses on reducing plastic pollution and encouraging reusing/refilling as real solutions to the plastic pollution problem.
  2. Dharma Life (Read more about Dharma Life here). Dharma Life promotes causes that improve lives and livelihoods in rural India. It does so by identifying and equipping female entrepreneurs (known as Dharma Life Entrepreneurs) who in turn drive positive change in the thinking and actions of those in their own and in neighboring villages. This intervention focuses on promoting the cause of tree-planting through Dharma Life Entrepreneurs.

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